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A Hidden House in Mexico City

Arts & Design 06.04.2015
A Hidden House in Mexico City

Ambling around in the old town of Tacubaya in Mexico City, one might chance upon a 6-meter-high colonial-era perimeter wall that blends perfectly into its surroundings. Inside, however, is a different story. Designed by Andrés Stebelski Arquitecto, the enclosed house within is an airy and light-drenched complex, featuring two floors and four courtyards along a chessboard-like configuration alternating between interior spaces and courtyards. On the ground floor are public spaces such as the entrance, car parking, kitchen, dining room and study, whereas the second floor houses three bedrooms, each with its own dressing room and bathroom. The double-height living room, flanked by a formidable bookshelf, acts as a connector to the spaces, both inside and out. Ample vegetation throughout blurs the boundary between interior and exterior, while a lush roof garden surrounds a sunroom, making for an idyllic scene.

a-hidden-house-with-four-courtyards-in-mexico-city-1 a-hidden-house-with-four-courtyards-in-mexico-city-2 a-hidden-house-with-four-courtyards-in-mexico-city-3-1