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Essentials: Keiko Takayama of Onitsuka Tiger

Arts & Design 04.08.2014
Essentials: Keiko Takayama of Onitsuka Tiger

onitsuka-tigers-essentials-keiko-1As a materials developer for Onitsuka Tiger, Keiko Takayama’s Essentials reflect an intimate connection between her work, her creative pursuits and her ever demanding travel schedule. Originally from Tokyo, Keiko went to high school in the States before heading back to her hometown to study art history. After some time with ASICS Japan, she transitioned over to the lifestyle team at Onitsuka Tiger in the Netherlands. Although she’s been in Amsterdam for over five years, her frequent trips back to Japan and abroad keep her busy. While on the road, she’s always accompanied by her tools, which include various USBs full of crucial product data, material and color guides and fabric swatches for inspiration. Frequently found at flea markets or scouring Marktplaats.nl — the Dutch version of Craigslist — the self-described collector at heart also enjoys hunting for vintage Tupperware to add to her impressive collection via eBay and Etsy. Known for her almost all black wardrobe, the Onitsuka Tiger‘s Harandia in black and mint work perfectly to compliment her style. The Tiger Corsair, an original shoe released for the 1969 Mexico Games, is a constant reminder of the brand’s heritage.

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