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G.O.O.D.S Magazine May 2015

Jay 06.15.2015
G.O.O.D.S Magazine May 2015

“A Day with Jay”

Charming. Sweet. Handsome. Entertaining. Those are just a few ways to describe upcoming actor Jay Ellis. You may recognize the young actor from BET’s hit show The Game. Joined in at the sixth season, Ellis has entertained fans with his compelling acting, wittiness, and good looks. Ellis’ big break in acting was from “The Game” in 2013. He plays the character Bryce “Blueprint” Westbrook, who is a wide receiver for the fictional team The San Diego Sabers. With the show in its final season that will debut in June, Ellis stays focused and has some projects he’s working on in the future. In one project, he will both star on camera and be off as producer for a film called “Lemonade.” Set in New York, the film is a romantic comedy about a man who is trying to discover himself and falls for a woman who appears to be out of his league, but she is perfect for him.


Production for the film begins mid summer. I caught up with Ellis before his photo shoot with The G.O.O.D.S. at the Sofitel Hotel in Beverly Hills. He was dressed in a dual toned blazer and slacks, and blue suede shoes. He wasn’t uptight during the interview, but entertaining and often funny. We spoke briefly emerged into acting and his move to Los Angeles to pursue it. Some years ago, he moved with to LA with a former girlfriend, who he said he convinced her to apply to medical school in the city. He dreamed of becoming an actor and wanted to pursue acting for a while.


When his girlfriend was accepted into medical school, it was the perfect time to kick-start his dream career. “I always wanted to be here, I talked her into applying to medical school – which was actually a good look because she got into a phenomenal medical school. I always wanted to act. “ When Ellis arrived in the city, he believed roles were directly going to be given to him, and agents would see him on the streets and ask him to come on set to act. “I got here thinking someone was just going to pick me up off the street like, ‘Yo, where you been, we have a show for you.’ And it really didn’t happen like that.” Instead, he worked in retail for a few years selling women’s shoes at the Beverly Center mall. “I was Al Bundy, essentially,” he jokes. Ellis also worked in other retail stores in the Beverly Center. At a party Ellis met and spoke to an agent who he conversed about becoming an actor.


The agent guided him to several studios to get headshots taken and locations for acting courses. However, he didn’t go to any locations the agent suggested and thought he didn’t have to do the requirements to become an actor. “It was all ego for sure which led me to no jobs for a long time. The reality was I didn’t take it serious and I was a coward because I was running away from the work that needed to be done. And so years later I lost this job, and I lost myself. I thought, what am I going to do now?”
Photographer: Leo Malevanchik
Interviewer: Franchesca Walker
Videorgrapher: Phil Bailey
Hair: Chelsea Nohlan
Wardrobe Stylist:Robiat Balogun
Location: Sofitel Beverly Hills