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Juxtaposing classic fine art with ubiquitous symbols from today’s social media outlets, Ukrainian artist Nastya Nudnik presents an interesting selection of works titled “Emoji-nation.” Iconic paintings from Michael Angel and Edward Hopper have been re-appropriated with 21st century internet and App icons from the likes of iMessage, Instagram, Facebook, SoundCloud, providing humorous rendition that touch on our current human conditions of never letting go our smart phones and portable devices. Enjoy the images here and head to Nastya Ptichek’s Tumblr for the full collection.

I love the dude on the porch wanting a kiss and the girl thinking …… about it

nastya-nudnik-adds-social-media-symbols-to-paintings-1 nastya-nudnik-adds-social-media-symbols-to-paintings-2 nastya-nudnik-adds-social-media-symbols-to-paintings-3 nastya-nudnik-adds-social-media-symbols-to-paintings-4 nastya-nudnik-adds-social-media-symbols-to-paintings-5 nastya-nudnik-adds-social-media-symbols-to-paintings-7-1